Band Antics #1

So we like to play around…

URBANNA – Oyster Festival 2016

We were booked at a stage in Taber Park, for the Urbanna Oyster Festival, in the middle of town, for the whole day. 9am-5pm or something like that. So throughout the day, just playing around, we would tell the crowd, which was always changing, we were from various locations. We actually lived in the town we were playing in (Urbanna, VA) so telling folks we were from Albuquerque, New Mexico was just entertaining and funny to us.

We picked this joke up while opening for our friends Buddha Council earlier that year but we didn’t expect anyone to hear this joke,  get it or even laugh at all. In fact, I don’t think we got many laughs that day that didn’t come from the stage. It was just an inside joke within the band. The crowd didn’t have a clue.

It wasn’t until our lead singer Drew pulled out “Hey everyone. We’re Stuck On A Name from the Lesser Dutch Antilles.” when things got truly hilarious. Check this out…

So in this little sleepy town of about 500 or so that transforms to about 70,000 during this festival, an older couple just happened to be walking by when Drew said the Lesser Dutch Antilles thing. They actually waited for the set break to come up to ask if we were really from there.

“Sorry to burst your bubble but no… we’re from right over there. (We could literally point to 2 band members houses.) That was just a joke. We didn’t mean to…. oh, this is weird, right?”

We had to crack up for a good bit because this couple was actually from the Lesser Dutch Antilles! We had a nice little chat with them. Sailors. Cool people! Lord only knows how they found Urbanna, Virginia!

It is a very small world sometimes!

You cannot make these things up!